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Hometeam 1490, KLOG ESPN Radio is #1 for Local News.  We are the ONLY radio station in Longview-Kelso with a locally staffed newsroom.  We don’t “pipe” our news in from another city.  Like you, we all live here too and know what’s happening right here in our area.Wake up with The KLOG Morning Show, 6am-9am.  Kirc Roland, John Mitchell and Ray Byers have all your local news, sports, weather and information.  Depend on The Local News Leader.

KLOG Thursday Sports

Steven Hauschka is moving from Seattle, signing with the Buffalo Bills…..At the men’s Pac-12 tournament, USC beat Washington 78-73, Colorado over WSU 73-63 and Cal beat OSU 67-62. The Huskies, Cougars and Beavers all eliminated…..The NWAC men’s basketball tournament is underway at Everett CC. The LCC Red Devils have the late game tonight (10pm) against […]

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Missing Man

Photos of a man from Bellingham are being circulated by local law enforcement, as his mother reports that he is missing. Andrea Boyd of Bellingham says that Andrew Boyd, 28, is missing, but they do know that he’s been in the Longview-Kelso area in the past couple of weeks. On the 22nd of last month, […]

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Jail Shakedown

Cowlitz County Corrections reports that they found meth, heroin, marijuana and other contraband in the first-ever “shakedown” that been conducted at the Cowlitz County Jail. The search of a 72-bed portion of the jail was conducted on March 2nd, with assistance from the Narcotics Task Force, the Street Crimes Unit, the Sheriff’s Office and the […]

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Weed Store Threats

The Sheriff’s Office is reviewing video from a marijuana shop in the 800 block of West Side Highway, after a customer allegedly made death threats to employees. This was reported a little before noon yesterday, when a disorderly man was directed to leave the store. Employees report that the man said “I am going to […]

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OBH Robbery

Longview Police say that robbery charges will be filed if a suspected shoplifter is caught and arrested. This incident was reported shortly after 9 last night, in the 700 block of Ocean Beach Highway. The 911 caller says that they tried to stop a man who was suspected of taking a basket full of food […]

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Tree-falling Death

Stewart Lee Osborn, 36, of Kalama is dead after a tree-falling mishap on his property on the Kalama River. Chief Vic Leatzow with Cowlitz Fire District 5 in Kalama says that the incident happened Tuesday morning, as Osborn was cutting down an alder tree. They say that the tree trunk split and kicked back, landing […]

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Body Found

The Pacific County Coroner now has custody of human remains that were found Tuesday night in the Columbia River near Chinook. Just before 7 pm Tuesday night, a call came into Pacific County 911, saying that it looked like there were human remains washed up on the rocks. Deputies confirmed the sighting, and the remains […]

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Luyster Hearing

There’s another delay in setting the trial dates for accused triple-murderer Brent Ward Luyster, 35, of Longview, after he raised concerns about possible conflicts of interest involving his court-appointed attorney. The Vancouver Columbian reports on yesterday’s hearing. Luyster says that Jeff Barrar of Vancouver was involved in cases with Luyster in 1998 and 2005, and […]

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Committee/Council Preview

Longview’s Ad Hoc Committee on Zoning Regulations for Emergency Shelters meets at 5 pm today, with a couple of main topics on the agenda. The Committee plans to continue the discussion about “Whether Different Types of Shelters Should be Defined,” followed by discussion on the draft regarding rules on “Allowing Small Shelters in the R-4 […]

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McMenamins Contract

J. H. Kelly of Longview just landed another choice contract, chosen by the Port of Kalama to construct the building that will be leased to McMenamins. At yesterday’s meeting, the Port of Kalama Commissioners accepted the $6.8 million bid from J. H. Kelly to construct the building that will house the restaurant, brewery and hotel […]

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