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15th Avenue Stabbing

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 17:25

Longview Police continue to investigate a stabbing reported yesterday morning in the 1200 block of 15th Avenue. Shortly before 6 yesterday morning, a woman called 911, reporting that two men were pounding on her car, doing some damage. This same woman also claims that these two men had slashed two of her tires on Monday. Officers responded to the scene, eventually catching up with the two men identified by the woman as suspects. That’s when one of the “suspects” claimed that he had been stabbed in the back. At first it was reported that the woman had stabbed the man, but they eventually determined that a man was the suspect, and he was last seen heading in the direction of the Civic Circle. The stabbing victim was taken to St. John Medical Center for treatment, while police checked the area, looking for the suspect. That person has been identified, but no arrests have been reported as of yet.