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15th Revisited–

Posted on 26th February 2010 at 09:18

The renovation of the hub intersection at 15th and Tennant Way now has a green light, as the Longview City Council re-examines the proposal. Mayor Kurt Anagostou says that they think this could work without the full-length raised median barrier that had first been suggested……A number of Council members say that they’re concerned about cutting off access to the AM-PM store to southbound traffic on 15th Avenue; store owner Sam Amhaz says that the loss of that traffic would have a serious impact, possibly putting him out of business. It was suggested that a partial median could be installed from the intersection to just short of the entry to Amhaz’ store, still allowing the access from 15th. Signs would also be posted at the store, noting that a “right turn only” would be allowed when leaving the store, eliminating unsafe left turns onto 15th coming out of the facility. There was also a suggestion that “turtles” or similar types of lane markers could be put in. With the approval, city staff says that they’re hoping to go forward with this project in the next few months, with a current project estimate of $485,000. They also disclosed that the 14th and Tennant Way renovation will be going to bid in the next few weeks; that project is estimated at about $385,000, and will include a signal upgrade with video detection, new signage and striping, and new ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps.