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Archive | January, 2014

Scam Alert

Posted on 29th January 2014 at 17:06

A Longview woman is trying to raise some awareness after she reported getting a scam call at her apartment. The woman contacted Longview Police at about 9:30 yesterday morning, saying that she received a call from a woman who claimed to be from the U. S. government. The caller told the woman that she was being awarded a seven thousand-dollar grant, because she had always paid her property taxes on time. The caller gave the woman another phone number, instructing her to call “Mister Sebastian,” who would then issue a “green card” for the money. The catch was that there would be a $200 fee for “activating” the card. The woman says that she knew it was a scam, because she had never owned a home and had never paid property taxes. The woman says that she wants to get the word out, so that no one gets victimized by these con artists.

December Jobless Stats

Posted on 29th January 2014 at 17:06

Cowlitz County’s unemployment situation continues to plod along, but state officials say that there could be a glimmer of hope down the line. The Employment Security Department reports that the December jobless rate in Cowlitz County was little-changed from November, ticking up slightly from 9 percent to 9.2 percent. Regional Economist Scott Bailey says that the county has lost 500 jobs in the last year, with most of those losses coming in January of last year. Bailey says that employment has been fairly stable since then. He notes that both employment and unemployment have both declined, with more people dropping out of the labor force. Initial and continuing unemployment claims rose slightly in December, and nearly 500 Cowlitz County residents got their last month of extended benefits in December of last year. Bailey says that there are some encouraging signs, pointing to the Regal Cinema project at the Three Rivers Mall, along with the announcement that Sportsman’s Warehouse is going into the old Emporium space. He also says that the Northwest Innovation Works ethanol plant would be a huge boost to the local employment picture, if it comes to pass.

Deputy and Trooper of the Year

Posted on 29th January 2014 at 17:05

20-year Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office veteran Todd McDaniel is being honored by the Longview American Legion Post as the Deputy of the Year, presented with a plaque at yesterday morning’s Cowlitz County Commission meeting. McDaniel started his career in law enforcement with the Winlock Police Department back in 1992, moving to the Sheriff’s Office in 1993. He has served in multiple roles at Cowlitz County, including a patrol deputy, detective, DARE Officer, Field Trainining Officer and in marine enforcement. McDaniel is also into his third term on the Kelso City Council; he serves on a number of boards and commission, and also acts as president of Kelso Youth Baseball and Kelso Youth Football. Sheriff Mark Nelson says that McDaniel is the “consummate public servant,” and he’s proud to work with him.

William Knudson is being honored by the Longview American Legion as their Trooper of the Year. Knudson has also served in multiple roles with WSP, including work as a member of WSP SWAT, along with time as the Officer in Charge of the Washington State Patrol’s Kelso Detachment and volunteering as extra security during last year’s extended legislative session in Olympia. Knudson is involved in the local community, working with the Castle Rock/Toutle Lake U12 Softball team.

CHHH Grant

Posted on 29th January 2014 at 17:04

The Kelso Eagles Auxiliary is helping out Community Home Health and Hospice, donating $1,000 to the organization for new medical equipment. The donation from the group’s Hands of Many Eagles Charity Fund; the proceeds will be dedicated to purchasing new pediatric and adult-sized blood pressure kits. Officials with Community Home Health and Hospice says that this gift will help to acquire equipment that is currently in short supply, along with offering a smaller size for patients with very small and frail limbs. Community CEO Greg Pang says that he’s “astounded” by the dedication of the Kelso Eagles, who have provided outstanding support over the years. The Kelso Eagles sponsored the first picture cell phones for Community Home Health and Hospice seven years ago, which has helped to enable quick communication between doctors and nurses in the field, helping them to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare technology. Anita Webster-Morgan with the Kelso Eagles says that they have witnessed the services provided by Community Home Health and Hospice, and she says they appreciate all that they do.

Best App

Posted on 29th January 2014 at 17:04

Students at St. Helens Middle School in Oregon are being honored with a “Best in State” for a computer app that they developed. The five-member team in an eighth-grade technology class received the award in connection with the Verizon Innovative App Challenge, and is intended to help users learn more about the Periodic Table of Elements. The program developed by Jo Elliot, Kyle Harris, Cody Leanna, Tyler Lyman and David Parks is called the “Periodic Table of Interactive Elements,” and can be used in science classrooms to help teachers and students more easily learn about the building blocks of the universe. The app is now eligible to go into the “Best of Region” competition, going up against apps developed in middle schools in 12 western states. The regional winners will be announced next Tuesday. Those winners will receive a $5,000 grant for their schools, and will go on to compete for “Best in Nation” status.

Civil War Food Drive

Posted on 29th January 2014 at 17:02

There’s another competition on the line as we head toward the upcoming Civil War basketball game between Mark Morris and R. A. Long High Schools, as the students at each school are now involved in a food drive. The Civil War Food Drive will start on Saturday, the 1st and will run through Friday, the 7th, kicking off with a Walk-n-Knock on Saturday morning. Bins will also be set up at the Longview Fred Meyer store, and you’ll be able to support the school of your choice by dropping a donation of non-perishable food in one of those bins. The winning school will receive a trophy and bragging rights until next year’s competition. The two schools have a goal of collecting 100,000 pounds of food and $15,000 in cash donations, which will all go to Lower Columbia CAP and the Help Food Warehouse.

KLOG Wednesday Sports

Posted on 29th January 2014 at 17:01

Marshawn Lynch continues to garner attention for his lack of comments leading up to the Super Bowl. He admitted to reporters today that the only reason he showed up to a press conference today was to avoid a fine…..Former Blazers Zach Randolph had 23 points to lead Memphis to a 98-81 victory over Portland. The tired Blazers are off until Saturday…..The LCC basketball teams are in Olympia tonight for games with South Puget Sound. Both games can be heard on KLOG beginning at 5:55 pm…..Mark Morris is alone in first place after the Monarch boys beat Hockinson 60-50 last night…..The Kelso Lassies defeated Fort Vancouver 71-34. Tonight the MM girls host Union in a non-league make-up game.

Woodland Car Chase

Posted on 28th January 2014 at 17:05

Brenten Kenneth Hoesch, 28, of Ridgefield is in the Cowlitz County Jail after a high-speed car chase that went along the Lewis River Highway late last night. Sheriff’s Deputies say this got started, when a car was seen speeding in the area of Niemi Road. It’s reported that the driver was doing about 60 miles an hour, driving eastbound in the westbound lanes. Speeds got up to 90 miles an hour as the chase continued to the east, with the suspect blowing at least one stop sign. The suspect eventually turned onto the 1000 line, eventually crashing the car on a skid road. Hoesch was arrested at gunpoint as he tried to bail out of the car. He’s now charged with felony eluding, driving while suspended, possession of drugs, obstructing an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s also being served with a no-bail Department of Corrections warrant for escape from community custody. Deputies are also checking the route of the pursuit, looking for drugs and other items that may have been thrown from the car.

Interview and Isolation Policies

Posted on 28th January 2014 at 17:04

The Kelso School District is updating a couple of policies involving students, one dealing with Interviews and Interrogation of Students on School Premises, the other dealing with Isolation and Restraint of Students with Individual Education Programs and Section 504 Plans. Superintendent Rob MacGregor says that they’re trying to comply with state law, while also protecting student rights and safety…studentpolicies…The Interview and Interrogation Policy and Procedure lines out the circumstances and procedures that will be followed if police agencies or Child Proctective Services needs to question a student, including the process of parent notification, the protection of student rights, and the ability to have a third party sit in on those interviews. The Isolation and Restraint Policy and Procedure addresses those situations when a disruptive student might need to be removed from a classroom, to prevent the disruption of learning time for other students. The Policy and Procedure spells out the process that will be followed, to be certain that this isn’t being used as a form of discipline or punishment. Full details on these policies and procedures are available from the Kelso School District.

Longview School Board Action

Posted on 28th January 2014 at 17:03

As the process for finding a new Longview School Superintendent continues, the district is looking for individuals to serve on an advisory panel to assist in that search. At last night’s meeting, the School Board approved the formation of the panel, which will interview semi-finalists for the position on April 21st and 23rd. Later this week, a registration form will be posted on the Longview Schools website; paper copies of that application will also be available in the district offices. Forms must be returned by 5 pm on Friday, March 14th; up to a dozen people will be chosen to serve on the panel. Those selected will be notified by March 24th. Those chosen must commit to serving at all interviews, and to maintain strict confidentiality about closed session proceedings. The comments from the panel will be used by the School Board when they select finalists to be interviewed on May 5th, 6th and 7th.