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Archive | February, 2014

Goat Killing Arrest

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 17:24

The Humane Society of Cowlitz County reports that they have identified and questioned a 17 year-old Longview boy in connection with the killing and skinning of a pet goat, an incident that took place last summer on some property on Beacon Hill. Humane Society animal control officers say that a citizen tip led them to the 17 year-old, who apparently lives near the family where the killing took place. Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputies also assisted in the investigation and questioning. It’s reported that the teen “wants to be a hunter.” During the questioning, the teen admitted that he had snuck out of his own house in June of last year, went to the nearby home on Niblett Way, and then used zip ties, duct tape and a knife to catch, subdue and kill the family pet. At this time, charges have not been filed, but the case is being referred to the prosecutor’s office for a charging decision.

Spice Reaction

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 17:24

Multiple Cowlitz County Sheriff Deputies were called in to help subdue a combative patient reported yesterday morning at an apartment on Yelton Drive in Longview, after the man apparently had a bad reaction to the synthetic marijuana called “Spice.” Other people in the apartment called 911 at about 7:30 yesterday morning, reporting that the man was unconscious, and had been suffering multiple large seizures. Those on the scene reported that the 29 year-old man was breathing, but was unresponsive. Aid personnel responded, but they asked for assistance, reporting that the patient was extremely combative. It eventually took five people to restrain the man. He was eventually taken to St. John Medical Center for examination and treatment. At this point, no charges have been filed.

Crash Sentence

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 17:23

Jonathan K. Reno, 42, of Vancouver is heading to prison for 20 years, after he pleaded guilty to a single count of vehicular homicide in connection with a fatal car crash near Toledo in November of last year. Reno was at the wheel of a car that crashed on the Jackson Highway near Toledo on November 10th, resulting in the death of a passenger, Adam Newstrom, 28, of Vancouver. Reno admits that he was drunk at the time of the crash, and entered a guilty plea last month in Lewis County Superior Court. Reno was sentenced Monday afternoon.

Dickerson Letter

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 17:22

Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson is putting out an open letter to the voters of the county, warning of dire consequences if a jail operations levy isn’t passed in May. The letter was published on the Columbia County Sheriff Facebook page and on their website. In the letter, Dickerson expressed four main “fears” if the levy doesn’t pass. He says that “taking people into custody” on a wide variety of charges will cease, both for misdemeanors and felonies. Arrests will still be made, but local officers may not be able to find jail space for those offenders. Dickerson says that wrong-doers will be “emboldened to flagrantly violate the law,” since they know that they won’t be put in jail. He also says that “the criminal element” will be drawn to Columbia County. He claims that crime will increase as a result. Finally, Dickerson says that there will be a call to re-open the jail, but the costs to do that will be much more than if the people had just decided to fund the jail in the first place, citing the loss of federal prisoners that are currently helping to fund jail operations. Dickerson claims that these aren’t “scare tactics,” but a simply a statement of facts. Voters in Columbia County will be asked to pass a three-year, $2 million jail operations levy on the special election ballot in May. A similar four-year, $10 million levy was soundly rejected by Columbia County voters last November.

Park Transfer

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 17:21

For the price of a crisp $10 bill, ownership of Willow Grove County Park could be shifting, as the Port of Longview Commission approves a plan to maintain the park through this year, along with an option to purchase the park later this year. At yesterday’s regular meeting, the Port Commissioners approved the plan to spend $56,700 to maintain the park, along with the purchase option. $10 is the same price that Cowlitz County paid the Port for the land back in 1987, to be developed into what is now Willow Grove Park. Port officials say that they’ll also look into improvements at the park, including the dredging of the boat launch and renovation of picnic shelters. Cowlitz County is working with several agencies to shift park maintenance and ownership at locations all around the county.

ESD Boss Retires

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 17:20

After 20 years as the Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer for Educational Service District 112, Dr. Twyla Barnes is announcing her retirement, effective September 30th. ESD 112 provides operational assistance and other services to 30 school districts all across southwest Washington. During Barnes’ tenure at ESD 112, the agency has been consistently in the state and national spotlight for development and delivery of effective education and community-based services. ESD Board President Steve Wrightson says that the organization has become one of the most innovative in the country under Barnes’ leadership. Wrightson says that they will now undertake a national search for Barnes’ successor, with a goal of making that hire by July 1st, to allow for a three-month transition period.

School Gardens Start

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 17:13

Spring is the time to get your gardens started, and that schedule is no different for the local schools involved in the Lower Columbia School Gardens program. LCSG Director Ian Thompson published the initial Spring School Garden schedule yesterday, with activities starting on March 10th and running through June 6th. Thompson says that this schedule is current as of this past Monday, but that schedule will be updated as more schools solidify their individual schedules. Thompson says that the latest information on the school gardens and their schedules are available on the Lower Columbia School Gardens website, at, or by calling 360-431-6725. Additional volunteers are always welcome.

KLOG Wednesday Sports

Posted on 26th February 2014 at 14:59

Damian Lillard had 31 points to lead the Portland Trail Blazers to a 100-95 victory at Denver last night. The Blazers flew home last night and will have a quick turnaround as they host the well rested Brooklyn Nets tonight, KLOG 6:05 pm…..The Seattle Mariners had an intra-squad game yesterday and the highlight was a tape measure homer by youngster Jabari Blash. After another intra-squad today, the M’s will begin the spring training games tomorrow against the San Diego Padres…..The LCC baseball team will open the season Saturday at home against the Clark Penguins, a 12 pm double header. Tomorrow night, the team will get together for a Meet the Devils Bowling Night at the Triangle Bowl at 7:30 pm. The public is welcome and can compete for prizes on

Cascade Way Chase

Posted on 25th February 2014 at 17:07

Christian Scot Foumal, 42, of Longview is facing several felony charges after a car and foot chase that took place yesterday afternoon, starting on West Side Highway, going up the hill to Cascade Way, and then finally ending near John Null Park. Shortly before 5 pm, 911 dispatch reported getting a “pocket dial,” where they could hear a verbal dispute between a man and a woman. The call was traced to the area of the Carnival Market, and when Deputies responded to that site, a car took off, heading up Nevada Drive. That portion of the chase went to the 25 hundred block of Cascade Way, where the male suspect bailed out of the car and went into the woods, while the woman was left behind. A local resident contacted the woman, while law enforcement set up containment to try and hem in the male. Around 5:20 pm, the suspect was identified as Foumal; around that same time, a man was seen running near John Null Park. About 20 minutes later, he was arrested near a home on Corman Road. Foumal is now being charged with felony eluding, possession of illegal drugs, possession of stolen property, driving while suspended, and he’s also being held on a no-bail warrant from the Department of Corrections. The woman was eventually released.

McCaslin Appears

Posted on 25th February 2014 at 17:07

Nichole D. McCaslin, 32, reportedly admitted to “drinking two beers” before being involved in Friday’s fatal multi-car collision on Tennant Way in Longview. Today’s Daily News reports on McCaslin’s first court appearance yesterday on charges of vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Bail was set at 75 thousand dollars, and she was released from jail after posting that bond. Other terms of her release include an extradition waiver, an order to avoid drinking alcohol and to avoid driving a car. According to papers filed yesterday, McCaslin was at the wheel of a Jeep Cherokee that was going the wrong way in the westbound lanes of Tennant Way when she collided with several other vehicles. Brett Dawdy, 47, of Longview died in one of those collisions, while his wife and daughter were seriously injured. McCaslin reportedly said that she had two beers at a downtown restaurant before getting behind the wheel. Authorities say that McCaslin had “bloodshot, droopy and watery eyes,” and “spoke in a slurred and lethargic manner.” She also pointed out that she is married to an attorney. McCaslin says that she needs to take care of her small children; the date of her formal arraignment wasn’t disclosed.