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Archive | February, 2017

Apartment Fire

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:07

A 40 year-old man is recovering from burn injuries that he received in a Saturday apartment fire in Longview. The fire was reported a few minutes before 4 pm at the Valley View Apartments, located at 2120 46th Avenue. Those on the scene reported that “something blew up,” as flames were shooting out of a lower-floor unit. The entire building was evacuated while firefighters worked to suppress the fire and keep it from spreading to other units. As the firefighters were working to keep the fire contained, the injured man approached them, with burn injuries to his hands and face. First aid was started, while the firefighting effort continued. The man was treated and then was taken to St. John Medical Center. It took about a half-hour to get the fire completely under control. It was eventually learned that the fire got started by the injured man, as he was trying to re-fuel a butane lighter. The lighter ignited as he was trying to fill it, and then he dropped the still-lit lighter. The fire ignited some nearby materials and then quickly spread. The one unit was extensively damaged, but the other units are inhabitable. The Red Cross is providing assistance to the displaced tenants.

Stolen Car Recovered

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:06

Multiple felony charges are being filed against Iosipo J. Johns, 26, of Longview, and others could be filed his arrest yesterday morning. Longview Police say that Johns was driving a vehicle that had been involved in a robbery and a kidnapping that took place last Friday in Yakima. LPD reported spotting the car at about 8:30 yesterday morning, driven by Johns in the 200 block of 21st Avenue. Longview Police tracked the car to the area of 30th and Dover, where Johns was involved in a crash. During the check on the car, the information from Yakima came up, also saying that the car was stolen, and that the driver was armed with a pistol. Police say that they did recover a pistol; Johns is now being charged with possession of a stolen car, illegal possession of a gun, felon in possession of a gun, and possession of illegal drugs. He’s also being served with a previous warrant. A 17 year-old runaway girl that was in the car is also being returned to Yakima. The investigation is continuing.

Drowning Rescue

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:05

Former Kelso High School music teacher is a hero, after he and his fishing buddies helped to save three men from drowning in Lake Merwin on Friday. George Simonsen, Mallory Smith and Randy Lomborg were out on the lake last Friday afternoon, fishing for kokanee when they saw something odd. At first, they thought it might be a small boat with a sail, but then they realized that it was a capsized boat. Simonsen, Smith and Lonborg realized that people were in the water, and sped over to the spot, a distance estimated to be about 200 yards away. The three men helped rescue the three men that had gone into the water, none wearing a life vest. The men that were in the water say that their boat quickly filled with water and sank after they had gone in reverse, with the water coming over the transom. Another boat came by and helped the victims recover their gear. No injuries were reported.

LCC Trustees Workshop

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:05

The Lower Columbia College Board of Trustees plan a day-long meeting today, the bulk of which will be focused on planning and strategic initiatives. The meeting runs from 8:30 am until 5 pm in the Heritage Room in the Administration Building at LCC, and will begin with a series of reports. The bulk of the meeting will be the Annual Planning Session is set to start around 11 am, starting with a review of the College Mission. They plan to move into Budget Parameters and Discussion, followed by a forecast of the 2017-2018 budget. They’ll review the 2016 outcomes, and will discuss strategic initiatives before developing Annual Priorities for 2016-2017, along with the initial draft for the 2017-2018 budget period. Today’s meeting is open to the public.

Longview School Board Preview

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:04

The Longview School Board plans to get focused on a preferred plan for the district facilities at this evening’s meeting. A special session of the board is set to begin at 5:30 pm, where the board will discuss and come to some sort of agreement on which facilities plan they will follow. Two main options are under consideration; both place a priority on upgrading the elementary schools in the district, however, one plan closes Columbia Heights Elementary, while the other closes Northlake Elementary. Both plans look at consolidating the high schools into one building. The options will be reviewed and discussed during the workshop, and then a formal decision will be made during the regular Longview School Board meeting at 7 pm. Both sessions are open to the public.

Castle Rock Council Preview

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:04

The Castle Rock City Council meets tonight, with plans to hold a public hearing on a potential extension to the moratorium that prohibits marijuana production and/or sales inside the city limits. The city has had the moratorium in place since March of last year, and city officials are proposing an additional six-month extension. Tonight’s meeting starts at 7:30 pm at the Castle Rock Senior Center, located at 222 Southwest Second Avenue in Castle Rock.

Blood Drive

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:03

There’s a special Blood Drive being held today at the Longview City Hall, running from 9 am until 2 pm today. You can donate blood if you’re at least 17 years of age, weigh at least 105 pounds, and are in good general health. Call 442-5004 to set up an appointment, or go to

CFLC Meeting

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:03

The annual meeting of Cabaret Follies of Lower Columbia is being held this evening at the Moose Lodge on Washington Way in Longview. They’ll be showing the DVD from last November’s performance at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts, along with selection of the new board. This is a potluck that will start at 6 pm this evening, a chance for you to come by and find out about Cabaret Follies and its mission.

Kelso Stabbing

Posted on 24th February 2017 at 08:47

Kelso Police are working to find the suspect in a stabbing that took place early this morning. At about 3:50 am, a 911 call came in from a home in the 1100 block of South 6th, where it was reported that a man had been stabbed in the head. They say that the victim was bleeding profusely, but he was also up and walking around. That person was conscious and breathing as they were taken to St. John Medical Center for treatment. The suspect reportedly left on foot, taking off in an unknown direction. Those in the house were able to provide some information on the suspect, including his physical description. Longview Police also assisted in the effort to find this suspect; so far, no arrests have been reported.

Castle Rock Fires

Posted on 24th February 2017 at 08:46

Two homes in Castle Rock were severely damaged by fire yesterday, and six pets died in one of those fires. The first fire was reported just after 9 am, reported at 124 Cedar Street in Castle Rock. Four people that were in the house were able to safely evacuate after the fire was reported. Cowlitz Fire District 6 in Castle Rock responded with Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue and Fire District 3 from Toutle, and was able to get the fire knocked down quickly. Despite those efforts, the house was severely damaged, and may be a total loss. It’s thought that the fire may have been caused by an electrical issue in the lower level of the home.

Around 4 pm, Cowlitz Fire District 6, District 2 and District 3 responded to a house fire at 401 Quick Road, which quickly spread into the upper level of the home. Fighting the fire was extremely complicated; more than 30,000 gallons of water was used in the battle, which covered several hours. The nearest hydrant was more than two miles away, and had to be trucked in by fire tenders. The roof collapsed, which kept fire crews on the exterior of the building. Cowlitz 6 Fire Chief Bill Lemonds says that they finally got the fire out around 8 pm. No humans were injured in the fire, but four cats and two dogs died in the blaze. The cause of this fire is still under investigation.