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Archive | December, 2017

Derailment Update

Posted on 28th December 2017 at 08:35

Some preliminary findings connected to the fatal Amtrak train derailment in DuPont are being released, starting with comments from the engineer, who remarked about the speed of the train just seconds before it derailed. The National Transportation Safety Board is out with some initial findings about the crash, which killed three people and injured nearly 100. They say that the engineer can be heard talking about an “over-speed condition” some six seconds prior to the derailment. It’s confirmed that no one in the cockpit of the train was using a cell phone or other electronic device; they say that the engineer apparently applied the brakes, but he didn’t engage the emergency brake. The last recorded speed of the train was 78 miles an hour, more than double the speed limit on that stretch of track. The recording stopped as the train was tilting and the crew was preparing for impact.

Last Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the original plans for revamping that stretch of track for use by Amtrak included the elimination of that 30 mile-an-hour curve. Those plans were eventually scrapped as a cost-saving move. It’s also being reported that Amtrak crew members were concerned about the training that was conducted, claiming that the training was inadequate and incomplete. The NTSB reportedly plans to post information on its website in the next few days, but they also note that the entire investigation could take as long as two years to complete.

OWS Shooting

Posted on 28th December 2017 at 08:34

While Longview Police continue to work on finding the suspect in Tuesday’s shooting in Longview’s Old West Side, updates on the victim are coming out. LPD now reports that a 38 year-old man was shot in the leg during Sunday’s incident, which took place in an alley between 24th and 25th Avenues. They say that the man is still at Saint John Medical Center, where he’s reported to be in stable condition. The man’s name is not being released at this time. Detectives are still working the case, saying that they have some leads, along with a potential motive in the case. From the start, police have said “this was not a random act of violence.” Police are still working to find the suspect in the case; if you can help out, you’re asked to call 360-442-5929.

Isolation Booth Lawsuit

Posted on 28th December 2017 at 08:34

Closing arguments in a federal lawsuit involving the Longview School District are expected to wrap up today, and the case could be in the hands of the eight-member jury by tomorrow. Today’s Daily News has an update on the case, which is being brought by five families who claim that pre-existing disabilities in their children were made worse when they were placed inside an “isolation booth” at Mint Valley Elementary School. Late last week, Judge Robert J. Bryan removed former Longview Superintendent Suzanne Cusick and former Mint Valley Principal Patrick Kelley from the suit, saying that it was “too much of a stretch” to hold them liable. Special Education teacher Jerry Stein and the school district itself remain as defendants in the case. The plaintiffs in the case contend that their children were harmed further by being placed in the box, while the district claims that proper procedures will follow. Those involved say that “tens of millions of dollars” rest on the decision of this jury.

Jobless Numbers

Posted on 28th December 2017 at 08:33

After hanging at record-low levels for the past couple of months, the Cowlitz County unemployment rate went up slightly in November, ticking up to 5.4 percent. That’s three-tenths of one percent above the rate in October, and is 1.5 percentage points below the 6.9 percent in November of last year. The latest statistics show that nonfarm employment in Cowlitz County grew by 100 jobs in November; over the past 12 months, Cowlitz County employment has grown by an estimated 2,000 jobs, an increase of 5.1 percent. It’s reported that more than 2,500 Cowlitz County residents are currently unemployed and are looking for work, 600 fewer than last year at this time.

Fish Trap Tests

Posted on 28th December 2017 at 08:32

Fishery managers are going “back to the past” as they continue to look methods to harvest salmon, while still protecting endangered native stocks. Earlier this month, the results of two years of testing of fish traps near Cathlamet were shared with officials in Wahkiakum County, using technology that was banned from the Columbia River back in 1936. A month of testing showed that more than 2,100 salmon were caught and released, with a survival rate of more than 99 percent. Fishery managers are looking for alternates to gillnets in the commercial fishery, due to the high mortality rates and the “non-selective” nature of those nets. It’s noted that there’s still work to do in regard to these type of traps, and how they might be employed by commercial fishermen on the Columbia.

Cathlamet Budget

Posted on 28th December 2017 at 08:30

The 2018 budget for the City of Cathlamet is in place, after action by the Cathlamet City Council. The total budget comes in at $3.9 million, with sewer and water utilities making up the majority of the budget. Utility rates are going up a total of 2.9 percent in the coming year. It’s also noted that city employees are getting a cost-of-living raise of 2.5 percent.

Life-Saving Award

Posted on 28th December 2017 at 08:29

Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputy Kelly Pattison is being honored by Cowlitz 2 Fire and rescue, commended for saving a toddler that was thrown from a car during a crash. Cowlitz 2 says that Pattison was checking the scene of the rollover crash when he spotted what he first thought was a doll. Pattison was moved to action when he saw the “doll” blink an eye. Pattison picked up the 14 month-old and then wrapped the baby in his coat until aid personnel arrived. They checked the child over, and found that the baby was basically unhurt. If Pattison hadn’t seen the child and acted, they say that it’s highly possible that the toddler would have been missed, and might have died from hypothermia. Cowlitz 2 Chief Dave LaFave presented Pattison with a Chief’s Coin; Sheriff Mark Nelson also says that he’s extremely proud of Pattison and his work.

Microscope Donation

Posted on 28th December 2017 at 08:28

There’s a new tool to help local kids to find and explore the tiny things in our world, as the Kelso Police Association donates a microscope to the Children’s Discovery Museum at the Three Rivers Mail. The KPA members presented the $300 instrument to the Museum yesterday, which will help local kids discover the microscopic world. Officer Aaron Marthaller made the donation yesterday, after the KPA decided to support the facility, learning of their goal to “provide learning and fun to the kids of Cowlitz County.” The Children’s Discovery Museum at the Three Rivers Mall is open from 11 am until 4 pm on Wednesdays, and from 1 to 4pm on Sundays. Admission is free; get more information on

KLOG Wednesday Sports

Posted on 27th December 2017 at 09:04

The WSU Cougars have a final day of preparation for tomorrow’s Holiday Bowl matchup with Michigan State. The Washington Huskies have begun practice in Scottsdale ahead of Saturday’s Fiesta Bowl clash with Penn State…..Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians caused a stir when he was quoted as saying his team owns the home field in Seattle and they will “kick their ass”. The reference is that Arizona has won three of the last four games at Century Link Field. Arians also denies a report that he will be fired after the game…..The LCC Holiday Classic women’s college basketball tournament begins tomorrow at Myklebust Gym. The host Red Devils play the Delena Dragons at 7 pm Thursday…..The Castle Rock wrestling team is competing at the Royal City tournament today.

Old West Side Shooting

Posted on 27th December 2017 at 08:57

Longview Police are still working to find the suspect in a shooting that was reported yesterday afternoon in the Old West Side. Police say that the shooting happened around 2 pm, in the 1400 block alley between 24th and 25th Avenues. One person was wounded in the shooting, but that person was reported to be conscious, and was taken to St. John Medical Center for treatment. The condition of that person has not been updated, and no other information on the victim has been released. A perimeter was set up and a K-9 was brought in to search the area, without success. Police describe the suspect as a white male in his 30’s; at the time of the shooting, that man was wearing a white jacket with some sort of design, along with blue pants. Police are also saying that this does not appear to have been a “random act of violence.” Police caution that this man is armed, and should be considered as dangerous. If you have information on this suspect or on the shooting itself, you’re asked to call the LPD Criminal Investigations Tip Line at 360-442-5929.