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26th Avenue Robbery

Posted on 30th April 2015 at 09:08

An investigation is under way after a report of a robbery that took place last night in the Highlands. Shortly before 11 pm, a man called 911, claiming that a group of four men may have kidnapped a woman off of the dike between 26th and 27th Avenue. The man also claims that one of the suspects had put a knife to his throat. The 911 caller then said that the woman had returned a short time later, but she was bleeding from the head. Police conducted some interviews, and found that no one had been kidnapped, but there was a robbery. The suspects had forced their way into a home on 26th Avenue, one of them armed with a knife. The men threatened the female occupant, and then stole a bicycle and some jewelry. They say that the investigation has been difficult, since those involved have not been very cooperative. The investigation continues.