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911 Tax

Posted on 6th November 2013 at 16:53

Cowlitz County is moving ahead with an ordinance change that will allow collection of excise taxes on prepaid phones, with those dollars going to the county 911 system. County Commissioner Jim Misner says that taxes aren’t popular, but he also says that 911 is a necessity, not a luxury…911tax…The Commissioners voted unanimously to enact an Enhanced Excise Tax of 70 cents per month on Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Services, covering things like pre-paid phone cards and cell phones. At least one citizen raised concerns about the impact that this will have on low-income people who count on those pre-paid services; Finance Director Claire Hauge says that the excise tax is already being collected at the time of purchase, but currently isn’t being forwarded to Cowlitz County. This action will get those collections into Cowlitz County, and are dedicated solely to 911 operations. The new ordinance goes into effect on January 1st of next year.