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Abandoned Stolen

Posted on 11th July 2013 at 15:41

Local law enforcement has a mystery on its hands, as they try to figure out not only what happened when a stolen car crashed and burned near Kalama yesterday afternoon, but also who was inside the car when it crashed. The incident was first reported at about 12:15 yesterday afternoon, when it was reported that the car had gone off I-5 near Todd Road, rolling several times before bursting into flames. Firefighters from Woodland responded to the scene, working to contain the fire as it spread to brush and trees that were in the vicinity. When they finally got to the car itself, there was nobody inside, and no sign of where that person might have gone. On the chance that the driver had been ejected, a search of the area was conducted, with no success. The four-door sedan was severely damaged after the crash and fire, so it took some time to identify the vehicle. It was also during that process that they found out that the car was stolen. The person who had been driving the car still has not been located, but the State Patrol is continuing to investigate the incident.