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Abduction Investigation

Posted on 25th October 2013 at 16:21

A Castle Rock-area man got a surprise visit from the Sheriff’s Office yesterday afternoon, after someone who supposedly witnessed a crime in Seattle identified the man’s truck as the getaway vehicle. Seattle Police contacted the Sheriff’s Office at about 1:30 pm, saying that a child reported seeing an abduction at an elementary school in Seattle. The child says that she saw a man grab another child, put duct tape over her mouth, then put her in a pickup and drive off. The child gave police a license plate number, which came back to an address on Garlock Road. Deputies went out to the house and met with the homeowner, who was completely cooperative. He allowed the Deputies to inspect his home and his truck, which they said was stone cold and covered in leaves. They say that it did not appear to have been driven within the past 24 hours. Deputies say that the local resident wasn’t involved in the Seattle incident, and relayed that information north. The investigation in Seattle is continuing.