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Accidental Shooting

Posted on 25th August 2014 at 09:05

The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office is checking into an incident reported early this morning, where a man showed up at St. John Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his leg. Hospital staff contacted local law enforcement at about 12:45 this morning, reporting that they had a 22 year-old man in one of their treatment rooms, being treated for what he says was an accidental incident. The man reportedly told authorities that he had been “down by the river,” handling a firearm of unknown type and caliber, and accidentally shot himself in the leg. The man says that he dropped the gun, and then made his way to the hospital. It was eventually determined that the incident happened near Castle Rock, so the case was turned over to the Sheriff’s Office. The victim was treated and released from the hospital. So far, no charges are being reported.