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Amtrak Hearing

Posted on 11th July 2018 at 08:29

A hearing is under way in Washington, D. C., where the National Transportation Safety Board is looking for some answers in connection with two recent fatal Amtrak crashes, including the deadly crash near DuPont in December of last year. The two-day hearing of the NTSB also will cover a South Carolina freight train crash from earlier this year. Yesterday’s proceedings dwelled on safety measures on the curve where the train derailed, how engineers were trained, how safety was coordinated and why Positive Train Control hadn’t been installed. Three people died on December 17th of last year, as a new Amtrak train was making its first run from Seattle to Portland; the train was doing 78 miles an hour when it went into a 30 mile-an-hour curve near DuPont, derailing and landing on the southbound freeway. The second day of the two-day hearing takes place today in Washington, D. C.