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Anchor Point Plan

Posted on 20th September 2017 at 08:52

The City of Kelso is moving ahead with development of the Anchor Point Subarea Plan, a document that they say could help to finally open that area for development. At last night’s City Council meeting, Mayor David Futcher says that inaction won’t help anyone, either for or against development. Earlier this year, members of the Winters family, the owners of the 600-acre parcel near the mouth of the Cowlitz, came to the city with a request for the plan. The property has been eyed for development since 1980, when it was zoned as General Industrial property. Only about half is available for development, as the other portion is wetlands. The Winters family is paying for the plan; no city dollars are involved, and it’s emphasized that any improvements that would be needed would also be paid for by potential developers. Several citizens did raise concerns; one suggests that the city needs to quit chasing huge industrial projects, while also suggesting that the area could be turned into a large outdoor recreation center. The man says that such a center would be a magnet for tourists, who would also bring their money. The council did vote to adopt the Anchor Point Subarea Plan on a vote of 6-0; Nancy Malone was absent from last night’s meeting.