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Another Ride-By

Posted on 15th January 2014 at 16:37

The bike-riding purse snatcher apparently has struck again, in an incident reported yesterday evening at the Longview Fred Meyer store. Longview Police responded to the store at about 5:50 pm yesterday, when a strong-arm robbery was reported. The 911 callers reported that the suspect was a teen male, dressed on all-dark clothing, riding a bicycle and wearing a red backpack. At least one caller tried to follow the suspect, but was unable to keep track of him. A little later in the evening, LPD tried to “ping” the location of a cell phone that was reported to be in the purse, but AT&T was unable to locate the phone, saying that it was probably turned off. This is similar to at least two other incidents reported in the past two weeks, all involving bike-riding suspects with a similar description. Authorities are once again alerting women to secure their purses before loading groceries or other items into their cars. The investigation is continuing.