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Arson Arrest

Posted on 30th June 2011 at 08:09

Josiah Leon Raglin, 19, is under arrest on charges of arson and attempted arson, after lab tests connected him to a Longview car fire that took place in April of last year. Longview Police Detectives say that they’ve been able to connect Raglin to a fire that he actually reported on April 7th of last year, an incident that took place in the 1100 block of 17th Avenue. That same day, a Longview Police Officer reportedly found a partly-burned paper sticking out of car’s gas tank in the 1000 block of 16th Avenue. That paper turned out to be Raglin’s discharge paper from St. John Medical Center, and also had his fingerprint on it. Detectives took Raglin into custody after getting the lab results, and he reportedly admitted the crimes. He’s now being held on bail of $50,000, charged with one count of second-degree arson and one count of attempted second-degree arson. Investigators also note that Raglin is not connected to other recent arsons in the Highlands.