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Arson Video

Posted on 19th May 2017 at 09:49

As they continue to investigate the incident, the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office is releasing a security video of the arson that took place in Toutle on the morning of Sunday, May 7th. The Sheriff’s Office put the video up on YouTube yesterday, with a link available from their story on FlashAlert. The video, which was taken at about 1 am on Sunday, the 7th, shows a man going into the coffee stand at Drew’s Grocery; within a few minutes, the stand erupts in flames, and the suspect is seen running off. The building was owned by Connie Gorman, and was being operated by Dexter “Juice” Solomon and his wife, Patti Solomon. Investigators say that it’s most likely that the suspect was burned in the incident. If you have information on this case, or if you can identify the suspect, you’re asked to call Sergeant Troy Brightbill or Detective Lorenzo Gladson at 577-3092, or use the “Tip411” app on your smartphone to leave an anonymous tip.