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Astoria Medevac

Posted on 13th February 2018 at 08:24

The Coast Guard helped to evacuate a man who was injured while working aboard a ship that was anchored in the Columbia River near Astoria. Representatives of the “Ergina Luck” contacted the Coast Guard shortly before 5 yesterday morning, reporting that a man had been injured. They say that the contract worker had fallen into a bilge area on the ship, while he was installing a recirculation system. Crew members reported that the worker inured his legs and his back, and was unable to walk. The Coast Guard responded with a motor lifeboat from Cape Disappointment, along with 11 members of the Clatsop County High-Angle rescue Team. That team went onto the ship and immobilized the victim before they carried him up three flights of stairs, then they lowered him over the side to the motor lifeboat. The man was taken to a hospital in Astoria, but his condition hasn’t been updated this morning.