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Atlantic Salmon Bill

Posted on 6th December 2017 at 08:39

19th District Representative Jim Walsh of Aberdeen is joining with Representative Drew MacEwen of Union in sponsoring a bill to ban Atlantic Salmon farms in the state of Washington. This comes after last August’s incident near Cypress Island in the Puget Sound, where more than 150,000 Atlantic Salmon were released when a net pen collapsed. Walsh and MacEwen say that this is the fourth such incident since 1996, and they say that the Department of Fish Wildlife recently approved a new permit for Cooke Aquaculture, allowing for the rearing of another million Atlantic Salmon at a different location in Puget Sound. Walsh says that we need to boost stocks of native fish, rather that continuing to support the cultivation of invasive species. He says that, at best, Atlantic Salmon farming is a nuisance, and is a catastrophe at worst. The bill will be introduced when the new Legislative session opens on January 8th.