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Ballot Problem

Posted on 30th October 2015 at 08:57

Cowlitz County Elections is reporting a small issue with ballots that were sent out to one precinct in the Longview area. Elections Manager Carolyn Fundingsland says that ballots mailed to Pacific precinct, number 48, erroneously included the Beacon Hill Water and Sewer Commission race between Dean Takko and Keath Huff. Last year, Beacon Hill annexed property that caused precinct lines to be re-drawn. That process created the Pacific precinct, which should not have been included in the Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District. Fundingsland says that residents of that precinct can go ahead and vote their entire ballot, but those votes cast for the Beacon Hill race will not be tallied. It’s possible that this special handling could delay reporting of ballot tallies on the evening of Tuesday, November 3rd. Contact Cowlitz County Elections at 577-3005, or go to the agency’s web page if you have other questions.