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Baltimore Street Arson

Posted on 13th February 2018 at 08:26

Longview Police and Longview Fire are now saying that Saturday morning’s fire at a home in the 26 hundred block of Baltimore Street was probably an arson. Fire crews were called out at about 1:15 last Saturday morning, when a large fire was reported at 2651 Baltimore Street. Flames were going from the first floor to the roof when fire crews rolled up; firefighters attempted to enter the home, but they were blocked by a four-foot-tall pile of garbage and debris that filled the entire first floor of the house. They say that there was so much stuff, that they were unable to force any doors open. Firefighter opened up exterior walls of the home to be able to attack the fire, and to gain access for a building search. Some elderly neighbors were evacuated from their home, to prevent exposure to the heavy smoke. They were able to return after the fire was put out. The fire was finally declared out after more than two hours of work, with heavy damage done to the house. It’s noted that the home had been vacant for more than a year, and had no utilities connected. For these reasons, arson is suspected as the cause of the fire. The latest tax bill had an assessed valuation of just over 114 thousand dollars for the house. If you have information on this incident, call Longview Fire at 360-442-5503.