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Bears Moved

Posted on 30th June 2010 at 07:52

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says that its had to euthanize and move a number of black bears from the Long Beach peninsula, after the bears had become accustomed to feeding by people from the town of Oysterville. DFW officials say that this was a situation that had gone on for some time, before someone finally made a complaint. They say that most, if not all, of the feeding was being done at one home, with the residents reporting that they’d spent $4,000 a year on dog food that was going to the bears. Neighbors reported becoming concerned as more and more bears showed up for food. Ten bears were removed; five female adults and cubs were relocated to the Mount Rainier National Park, while the other five had become so used to people, that they had to be put down. One game officer says that the bears were so familiar with people, that one crawled into the cab of his pickup truck. Enforcement Sergeant Dan Chadwick says that it was a “completely unnatural” situation, all caused by people feeding wild bears. The meat from the euthanized bears was donated to a local food program.