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Beer Bobble

Posted on 17th April 2013 at 16:06

While the Longview City Council is thinking that it might be fun to have wine and beer for sale at this year’s Concerts at the Lake, the Longview Parks Board apparently isn’t quite as fired up about the idea. Today’s Daily News reports that the Parks Board voted unanimously against creating a policy to allow sales of wine or beer during the concerts at Lake Sacajawea, saying that it will be up to the City Council if they want to move ahead on this. Parks Board members raised concerns about where an area for sale and consumption would be set up, also saying that it would probably take several years before a vendor would start making a profit on the venue. Recreation Supervisor Dick Mueller says that he contacted the people with 13 Nights on the River in St. Helens, who say that their alcohol vendor didn’t make a profit for two years, and that didn’t happen until they expanded the size of their alcohol service area. Mayor Don Jensen says that this isn’t what they were expecting from the Parks Board, but he also says that it won’t keep the Council from pursuing the route that they prefer.