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Cowlitz Water Kibosh

Posted on 29th July 2016 at 08:54

The City of Longview will NOT be going back to the Cowlitz River for its water supply. That’s the decision of the Longview City Council and the Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District Commission, after test results showed that water quality at sites along the Cowlitz had no better quality than the current Mint Farm Water Treatment Plant. Longview Public Works Director Jeff Cameron says that the data is quite clear to him…waterreport…Test wells drilled at Riverside Park and at Rocky Point showed the potential to produce enough water to supply the city, but the testing also showed levels or silica, iron and manganese that were the same or were even higher than that coming out of the Mint Farm. There was consensus that they should continue with installation of Dissolved Oxygen injectors in the system, a move that should help to alleviate some of odor and taste issues that customers are reporting. It’s currently estimated that addition will add another 70 cents per month to the average Longview water bill. Both panels also have consensus that efforts to deal with the silica continue, though it’s noted that whatever remedy is developed for silica removal will be expensive. Testing and review of possible solutions for silica will continue, with reports to be presented at future meetings.