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Boat House Collapses

Posted on 19th April 2017 at 08:56

Two dogs are safe and sound after a boat house collapsed yesterday out at Willow Grove, rescued by Cowlitz County Dive Rescue when the dogs were trapped inside the sinking structure. The first call about this came in yesterday afternoon at about 4:30 pm, when it was reported that a “large building” was sinking in the water in the 6400 block of Willow Grove Road. The boat house had sunk about ten feet when Cowlitz County Deputies arrived with their boat, along with members of the Dive Rescue team. The owner was identified, but he wasn’t on the scene. Longview Police checked places that he was known to be, while divers went into the water, eventually rescuing both dogs. No people were inside. The cause of the sinking is now being investigated. There are no reports of fluid leakage or environmental exposure after the incident, while the investigation continues.