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Body Found

Posted on 21st March 2014 at 15:58

An autopsy is planned today on the body of a man found floating in Lake Sacajawea yesterday afternoon. At about 3 pm, two fishermen reported finding the body near the area of 18th and Nichols, floating face-up in the water. They called 911; Longview Police found the body floating a few feet off of the shore, so the Cowlitz County Dive Rescue Team was called in to assist with the recovery. It took about an hour to complete the recovery, with the County Coroner taking custody of the remains. The victim was not positively identified, and it’s hoped that today’s autopsy will help to confirm the identity. LPD says that it’s unclear how long the body had been in the water, but the 911 callers reported that it looked like the body had been in the water for “some time.” There are also no details as to the cause and manner of death, but it’s hoped that the autopsy will also shed some light on that. Additional information will be released after that autopsy is completed.