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Bond Rating

Posted on 30th December 2013 at 16:21

Standard and Poor is maintaining the City of Kelso’s bond rating at “AA-” on their 2010 A and B Water and Sewer Revenue bonds. The city also reports that Standard and Poor puts the city’s general outlook as “stable.” They say that the rating is based on Kelso’s very strong annual debt service coverage, very strong system liquidity and stable residential customer base. City Manager Steve Taylor says that “We are very pleased” with the continued backup from the bond rating agency, saying that this is yet another indication that the elected leaders and city staff have been fiscally responsible in managing limited resoures through tough economic times. Water and sewer ratepayers in Kelso benefit from this, as the city pays lower interests rates on its debt, which translates into more competitive utility rates. The report from S&P and the letter to the city can be viewed on the City of Kelso website.