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Bond Redux

Posted on 17th April 2018 at 08:51

There’s consensus on the Longview School Board to once again go out to voters for a Capital Facilities Bond, but the exact size of the bond and the date for the election hasn’t yet been chosen. School Board President C. J. Nickerson says that the needs across the district still exist, and still need to be addressed. The School Board held a special meeting last night, where they reviewed the community input from several sources following the failure of last November’s bond election. There was general agreement that the district did not do a good job of communicating the needs at each building before last November’s election. They also say that not having a “Yes” argument in the Voter’s Pamphlet hurt the effort. Several board members talked about the need for the district to be extremely specific about the planned improvements for each building, and they also talked about the need to have “something for everyone.” There was some discussion about including improvements to athletic facilities, while also reviewing the last proposal. The goal there would be to see if there are some adjustments that can be made to reduce the size of the bond, or to include more work, while keeping the bond the same size. Superintendent Dan Zorn says that they plan to have additional information for discussion and possible action at the School Board’s first meeting in May.