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Borelis Dies

Posted on 17th May 2013 at 16:25

An autopsy is now pending on Jenny Lynn Borelis, 28, who passed away at a hospital in Vancouver, coming after she was found unconscious at the Cowlitz County Jail Wednesday afternoon. Borelis had been at the jail since early Sunday morning, when she was chased down and tazed by Kelso Police. Officers had spotted her on Long Avenue, and knew she had several warrants; knowing that Borelis was a IV drug user, officers didn’t want to tackle her, as she might have needles on her. A Taser was deployed, and she hit the ground hard. After denying that she had any needles on her person, a nurse at Saint John Medical Center was pricked by a hypodermic needle that Borelis reportedly had hidden in her bra. It’s reported that Borelis hit the ground hard after being tazed, and received a CAT scan at the hospital. At about 3:20 pm on Wednesday, Borelis was reported to unconscious at the Jail. She was eventually transferred to PeaceHealth Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, who’s now reporting that she has passed away. The investigation into this death is continuing.