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Bridge Compromise

Posted on 20th December 2013 at 16:32

It looks like the new Washington Way Bridge over Lake Sacajawea is no longer “A Bridge Too Wide,” as it appears that the Longview City Council and the Longview Parks Board have come to a compromise over the width of sidewalks on that structure. Instead of the 8-foot sidewalks that the Council wanted or the 6-foot sidewalks that the Parks Board wanted, they’ve settled on 7-foot sidewalks. Council member Steve Moon says that it’s a logical choice, based on the input he’s received…bridgecompromise…Parks Board Chairman Tim Temples says that this seems to be a common-sense decision, and he plans to ask the Board to reconsider its decision at their meeting in January. If the Parks Board agrees, then the moves taken yesterday should avoid any significant delays or cost increases in the final design or construction of the bridge. There will be some additional cost for reworking the design, but that might be offset by a reduction in the cost of materials for the narrower structure. The city is hoping to get the design finalized and construction started in spring of next year.