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Bridge Incident

Posted on 2nd August 2013 at 16:14

Charges could filed in connection with an incident that shut down traffic on the Lewis and Clark Bridge for a while last night. Around 10:40 pm, 911 calls about a possible jumper on the bridge came in; a woman claimed that her 29 year-old son was going to jump, and that people were trying to talk him off of the bridge. She said that people were climbing over the construction barriers in an effort to get to him. Traffic was shut down and the Coast Guard was alerted. Shortly after 11 pm, Longview Police reported getting information that then man may not be on the bridge, then at 11:40 pm, it was confirmed that the man was with his girlfriend, possibly somewhere in Kelso. It was eventually determined that the attempted suicide report was “all a ploy.” The bridge was re-opened, but it’s possible that charges for filing a false police report could be leveled.