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Burcham Arson

Posted on 31st May 2011 at 08:00

Investigators working on last week’s fire at a condemned home on Burcham Street in North Kelso now confirm that the fire was an arson. They say that batteries from the home’s smoke alarms were found in a pile outside the house; they say that materials had been gathered up in a closet, then were set on fire, and they also say that several locations in the house had been set on fire. Flammable liquids were poured in a storage room on the third floor, and holes had been poked in a ceiling, apparently trying to help the fire spread easier. Despite the efforts, much of the fire went out before spreading through the house. A bedroom and a hallway did get some significant damage. Authorities are also checking into the possible connection to vandalism that was done at the home back in February, where someone went through the home, writing detailed and lurid descriptions of child rape throughout the house. A possible suspect in that incident is currently in jail, serving time for unrelated drug and burglary charges. The house at 404 Burcham has been condemned since January, after a landslide eroded the hillside in the rear of the house.