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Burglary Arrest

Posted on 28th April 2011 at 08:08

Timothy Scott Moss, 30, of Castle Rock is under arrest in connection with that burglary reported earlier this month at a Woodland Fire station, with gas cards and thousands of dollars in fire apparatus stolen. The Sheriff’s Office took Moss into custody after he was identified in security videos from the Commercial Fueling Station in Woodland, using one of the gas cards stolen in the burglary. Investigators report that more than $1,500 in charges have been recorded on the cards at CFN stations around the area. The Daily News reports that an unrelated lead took Deputies to Moss’ home on the Spirit Lake Memorial Highway on Sunday, and that when he was arrested for second-degree possession of stolen property and third-degree theft. It’s noted that none of the stolen fire gear was recovered at Moss’ home, so the investigation is continuing.