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Posted on 2nd January 2014 at 16:55

The citizens group that’s backing the Kelso School levy that will be on the February 11th ballot is starting its campaign. Mike Hass with Citizens for Kelso Schools says that they are a non-profit group that will be working to inform the community about levy and bond elections, striving to increase awareness, support and positive relations between citizens and the district. Haas says that C4KS has been actively supporting the passage of school levies for more than 40 years, working off the slogan of “Vote Yes for Kelso Kids!” This year’s other campaign message is “Renew Our Commitment,” asking for voters within the Kelso School District to help provide the financial support needed to provide a high-quality education for Kelso’s school kids. Haas says that the levy currently represents more than 22 percent of the overall school budget. The four-year levy that will be on the February ballot is intended to replace the levy that expires at the end of this year. In adopting the levy resolution, the Kelso School Board decided to keep the tax rate at the same level as this year’s levy, opting to not place any additional burden on the district’s taxpayers. You can stay abreast of the campaign by going to their website at, or by “liking” their Facebook page. You can also connect through e-mail by sending a message to