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California Way Redux

Posted on 16th March 2018 at 08:58

The Longview City Council is reversing a decision from January, voting last night to accept a federal grant, and to move ahead with analysis of options for revamping the intersection at California Way, Industrial Way and East Industrial Way. The goal is to reduce congestion and preventing a traffic bottleneck as the rest of the 432 corridor is improved. Public Works Director Jeff Cameron says that work will begin immediately. In January, city staff informed the council that they had been awarded a $5.3 million grant that would help pay for realignment of the intersection, lining up California Way and East Industrial Way, and eliminating the light at California Way and Industrial Way. That was rejected by the council, as they’re concerned about negative impacts to businesses at that intersection. Several concepts were reviewed and discussed at last night’s workshop, with input from business like Pacific Fibre Products, Porky’s and others. Consensus was reached that a workable solution might be developed, helping to reduce congestion, while still allowing for access to the businesses in that area. Cameron says that they will begin conceptual design work, working with the local businesses to arrive at a design that will accomplish everyone’s goals. Additional outreach is planned, with open houses and other stakeholder meetings. Additional action will be need by this fall.