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Camera Contract

Posted on 12th April 2013 at 16:13

The City of Longview is moving ahead on a contract extension with American Traffic Solutions, a move that will have school zone speed limit detection cameras installed at St. Helens, Kessler and Olympic Elementary Schools.  The contract also allows for cameras to be installed at Mark Morris and Northlake, but City Manager Bob Gregory says that they’re holding off until the Longview School District completes its Facilities Planning process…schoolcams…Last night’s vote by the City Council extends the current contract with ATS through the end of 2016.  Gregory says that ATS will do some survey work to see exactly where the cameras will be located, but it’s planned that they would be installed during the summer, to be active by September.  Site development at Mark Morris and Northlake would also be done, but the cameras wouldn’t be installed until a decision is made regarding the future of those schools.  In addition to the new cameras, there’s also a provision for school zones that have over 800 violations in a month.  There would be an additional fee of $5 for each violation over 800.  Currently, none of the school zones have hit that threshold.