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Camera Initiative

Posted on 28th January 2011 at 09:19

Washington’s “initiative king,” Tim Eyman, was in Longview last night, helping to kick off the petition campaign to put the city’s red light camera ordinance in front of voters. Speaking to the City Council, Eyman says that cities around Washington and around the country are putting these cameras in for the wrong reasons. Eyman joined with local realtor Mike Wallin to kick off the signature campaign. Wallin says that they need to gather 2,766 signatures in the next 60 days to get the “Let the People Decide” initiative on the May ballot. If passed by the voters, Initiative 1 would repeal government-imposed automatic ticketing cameras in Longview, would require the Longview city government to get voter approval before trying again to install the cameras, would remove the “profit motive” by limiting fines, and would protect democracy and due process. Eyman says that the initiative is identical to one that was passed last November in his home town of Mukilteo; Eyman claims that more than 50 percent of registered voters signed that petition, and more than 71 percent voted in favor of the initiative. It’s claimed that at least two members of the Longview City Council have already signed the petition. You can find out more about this campaign and upload a copy of the petition by going to