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Cameron Sale–

Posted on 29th March 2010 at 07:53

The Cameron Family Glass plant at the Port of Kalama was sold at auction on Friday. The Daily News reports that a newly-formed company called Bennu Glass LLC submitted the only bid for the facility, coming in at $64,794,591. It’s reported that Bennu Glass was formed last week, and they also say that the company does plan to invest about $25 million to $30 million in the facility to be able to get it up and running. The paper says that Bennu hopes to have the plant running within a year. Based in Pennsylvania, the Cameron family had invested $100 million in the facility, which was built by Longview-based J. H. Kelly. There were problems from the outset, when the facility’s new glass smelter leaked, nearly destroying the entire plant. They say the initial leak cost $12 million to repair, then there was a second, smaller leak in September, just prior to the plant’s closure. Bennu hasn’t disclosed any details about how they plan to proceed, nor has there been any disclosure on how the proceeds of the auction will be dispersed.