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Canterbury Lawsuit

Posted on 15th January 2014 at 16:39

Don Sheldon is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Canterbury Gardens, claiming that the nursing home and memory care center was negligent when his wife, Norma, died at the facility last month. Attorney Duane Crandall filed the suit on behalf of Sheldon, 89, late last week in Cowlitz County Superior Court. Sheldon contends that Canterbury Gardens was negligent in its care of Norma Sheldon, 88, who was found dead in an open courtyard at the facility early on the morning of December 6th. An autopsy shows that Sheldon died from hypothermia; alarms that would have alerted staff to her entering the courtyard were found to be defective, and records show that staff failed to perform an hourly bed check, letting them know that she was missing from her room. In the court filings, Sheldon claims that staff at the Canterbury breached their duties by failing to take “reasonable precautions” to protect her safety. Those filings also accuse Canterbury Gardens of “outrageous conduct,” as they knew that Norma Sheldon was a vulnerable person. Sheldon and Crandall also say that the lack of alarms constitutes “reckless behavior” at the facility. Sheldon is claiming a loss of the husband-wife relationship, the mother-daughter relationship, and also acknowledges the pain and suffering Norma Sheldon felt as she died. They’re seeking general and special damages, attorney fees and other relief as the court determines to be “fair, just and equitable.” There’s been no response yet from Canterbury; no court date has been set.