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Cash Found

Posted on 10th January 2012 at 08:22

The folks at the Hospice Thrift Store on Commerce Avenue in Longview are going over their donation records, trying to figure out who left a large amount of cash in some clothes that were brought in at the end of last year. Store management called Longview Police at about 10:15 yesterday morning, reporting that a volunteer had found the money in the chest pocket of a shirt that recently had been donated. They’d gone over recent records to try and see if they could figure out who’d donated the shirt, without success at this point. The money has been turned over to Longview Police, who will now go through the process of handling found money. They’re not disclosing the exact amount that was found. The effort to find the person who made the donation is continuing. If you have information on this, contact Longview Police during business hours.