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Castle Rock Christmas

Posted on 29th November 2010 at 08:48

There’s a planning meeting set for 9 am today at the Castle Rock Exhibit Hall, where work will continue on a downtown Christmas Tree lighting ceremony for downtown Castle Rock. Organizers say that they’re planning to hold an event in downtown Castle Rock on Saturday, the 20th, set to coincide with the annual Community Christmas Dinner at Hattie’s Restaurant. Right now, they’re planning to light the tree at 5:15 pm, along with pictures with Santa and a wreath-making contest. Downtown businesses are being asked to decorate for the holidays, with a plan to turn on all of those displays at the same time. They’re trying to organize volunteers to help businesses that are unable to decorate, and they’re also working on “adoption” of vacant storefronts, to get those decorated, as well. If you’d like to get involved, you can attend this morning’s planning meeting, or get in touch with Andrea Gebhardt at 274-6685, or call Karen Johnson at 274-6603.