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Castle Rock Council

Posted on 26th April 2011 at 08:35

The normally sedate Castle Rock City Council meeting had a different tone last night, as more than 70 people crammed into the Senior Center to hear about the possibility of a medical marijuana clinic opening in downtown. About a dozen people spoke at last night’s meeting, half in support of medical marijuana and half against; Julian Robinson is the man who’s trying to develop the “Helping Hand of God” clinic, and he says that he takes the concerns that were raised quite seriously. Prior to the meeting, City Attorney Frank Randolph reminded the crowd that it’s currently illegal to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in Washington state, and that it’s even illegal to plan to operate such a facility. He said anyone who talked about such a facility might be subject to arrest. Robinson says he has no plans to operate a dispensary in Castle Rock, but he does want to operate a clinic, with a doctor on staff to evaluate and provide “recommendations” for patients. Robinson says that he wants to develop a new business model, setting up a network where medical marijuana patients who have extra are able to communicate and provide materials to patients in need. The City Council was cautioned not to ask questions or make any statements in regard to the issue. A bill that would allow dispensaries in Washington is through the Legislature, but still hasn’t been signed by Governor Chris Gregoire. Even if the entire bill was signed, it wouldn’t take effect until January of 2013.