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Archive | ‘Local News’

Hooker Hooked

Posted on 19th January 2017 at 08:28

Charges of prostitution, drug possession and trafficking in stolen property are being filed against Miranda Jo Wallace, 23, of Longview, who was arrested last night in North Kelso. Longview Police report taking Wallace into custody last night at about 9:20 pm, arrested in the area of Burcham Street and North Pacific Avenue. Details leading up to the arrest have not yet been disclosed. Wallace is currently being held without bail, awaiting her first appearance in Cowlitz County Superior Court.

Truck Shot

Posted on 19th January 2017 at 08:24

Longview Police are looking into a vandalism incident in the west part of town, where a commercial truck was damaged by rifle fire. This call came in around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, after the folks at Accurate Asphalt Solutions reported that one of their trucks had been damaged at their facility in the area of Memorial Park Drive and Rutherglen Drive. Officers checked the truck, and found two holes in the driver’s door, apparently made by a high-caliber, high-powered rifle. Repairs are estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $1,000. There’s some speculation that the damage may have happened on Sunday; they’re looking at a neighbor’s security video to see if anything can be spotted.

Dental Burglary

Posted on 19th January 2017 at 08:23

An investigation is under way after a burglary was reported yesterday morning at a dental office on 14th Avenue in Longview. This break-in was reported around 7:35 yesterday morning, at an office in the 1100 block of 14th Avenue. Employees reported finding that a window on the north side of the building had been broken, while the suspects also cut the internet and cable lines, to prevent the alarm from sounding. They say that the suspects stole dental tools, and nothing else. They also report that this is the third time in the past month that they’ve been broken into. Longview Police are following up.

IRS Scam

Posted on 19th January 2017 at 08:22

A Longview woman reports that she and her husband are victims of the “IRS Scam.” The woman called the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office yesterday afternoon, reporting that a man had called, claiming that he was from the IRS, demanding immediate payment of a “past tax bill.” The caller threatened the woman with arrest if she didn’t immediately pay this bill. This time, the suspect had the victim buy five $100 iTunes cards, and then provide the numbers from those cards to the scammer. Deputies advised the woman to try and stop payment on the credit card that was used for the purchase; the investigation is continuing.

Missing Woman

Posted on 19th January 2017 at 08:21

Photos of a 23 year-old woman who reportedly has been missing for more than a week. The Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office says that Brianna R. Judge was last seen on January 10th, when she left a home in the area of Elsie, Oregon, on the Sunset Highway, a few miles east of Seaside. Judge is a white female, 5’3” and about 100 pounds in size. She has short brown hair and blue eyes, and was last seen wearing calf-high boots, blue jeans and a red or burgundy hoodie. They say that Judge is known to frequent the area from Seaside to Astoria, along with Beaverton and Portland. If you have information on the whereabouts of Brianna R. Judge, call the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office at 503-325-2061.

C5/NWIW Agreement

Posted on 19th January 2017 at 08:20

Officials with Cowlitz County Fire District 5 are announcing that they have reached a voluntary mitigation agreement with Northwest Innovation Works, setting up fire protection for the proposed billion-dollar methanol production and export facility at the Port of Kalama. District 5 Fire Chief Vic Leatzow says that his department is pleased with the agreement, which also includes support for infrastructure and apparatus improvements, along with additional funding for special training. Leatzow says that this agreement shows that NWIW takes its relationship with the community seriously, and this agreement is a positive outcome in the delivery of emergency services. Vee Godley with Northwest Innovation Works say that “safety is our first priority,” and he says this agreement reflects that. He says that they have been serious about making a strong partnership with Fire District 5, and he says that this agreement will help the department continue to provide excellent service to Kalama and the surrounding community.

Sex Crimes

Posted on 18th January 2017 at 05:10

Theron Joseph Manley, 18, of Clatskanie is in the Clatsop County Jail, charged with online sexual corruption and sexual abuse of a 14 year-old girl. The Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office reports that Manley was arrested last Friday, after an investigation that started in October of last year. Last Halloween, a report came into Clatsop County from a mother of one of the victims, claiming that she had discovered that Manley was communicating with her daughter via social networking. The investigation shows that Manley was pressuring the 14 year-old to send nude photos, while also asking to meet the girl for sexual activities. The investigation shows that Manley and the girl did meet at least once in Warrenton for sexual activity. Further investigation indicates that Manley used this same site to meet other teenage girls, and that he was also using the site to arrange marijuana delivery to teens in that area. Additional charges are possible, as Manley continues to be held in the Clatsop County Jail.

Freezing and Flooding Eases

Posted on 18th January 2017 at 05:08

We’re above the freezing mark in Kelso this morning, and with the rain that’s falling, the snow and ice is breaking up on local roads. The Weather Service is also backing off some of the rainfall predictions, now saying that we could see between one-half to three-quarters of an inch of rain today. A Flood Watch for this area has been cancelled for Cowlitz County, Clark County and down through the Willamette Valley. The Flood Watch does continue for northwest Oregon and the Coast Range; they’re also warning about the increased risk of landslides or debris flows as this storm moves through.

There’s also a High Wind Warning up this morning on the south Washington and north Oregon coasts, saying that they could get sustained winds of up to 40 miles an hour and gusts of up to 75 miles an hour on the beaches and headlands; coastal communities could get gusts of up to 60 miles an hour. The strongest winds area expected through 8 am, and then things should ease up by noon.

Flood Prep

Posted on 18th January 2017 at 05:07

As the rain increases and the freezing level rises, the City of Clatskanie is preparing for the possibility of another flood event. City Manager Greg Hinkelman tells the Clatskanie Chief that “things are dry right now,” but they’re worried about all of the snow in the hills, as the freezing level pops up. He says that they could catch a break if the predicted models come through, with a dry spell after this latest round of heavy rain. The city is preparing with sand and sandbags, available to the public at the intersection of Howard Road and Highway 47 in Clatskanie. It’s also possible that a second sandbag station could be set up at Clatskanie Park.

Threat Training

Posted on 18th January 2017 at 05:06

If you’ve ever wondered how you should react if you’re caught in an active shooting or terrorist event, Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson plans to offer a civilian training seminar, titled “Surviving an Active Threat: A Civilian Response.” Nelson says that with the number of terror and “active killer” events, there’s more need than ever for the public to have this kind of knowledge. He says that they’re offering this training for citizens to learn how to prepare themselves and their families in the event that they have to face an active threat at the grocery store, at school or some other public place. This is classroom-based training, using real-world examples and responses to active threat events, also giving you a chance to experience different survival methods when facing an active threat. “Surviving an Active Threat” training will be offered on Saturday, February 18th, going from 10 am to 3 pm at the Cowlitz County Events Center. There is a nominal fee to attend, and lunch will be served. Registration is limited to the first 50 people; call Deputy Jordan Spencer at 577-3092 to get signed up.