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Catlin Street Closed

Posted on 30th October 2013 at 15:35

If you travel through West Kelso on a regular basis, be aware that a major project is going on at the intersection of 1st and Catlin Street. Work crews removed pavement at that intersection yesterday, in the same area that was the site of a major closure earlier this year. Back in March, the intersection was closed for nearly a month, after a manhole subsided due to a void underneath that piping. A temporary fix was installed at that time, with plans to return and install a more permanent fix. That intersection is also involved in the West Main Street Realignment Project, as the city works to revamp the traffic pattern coming off of the Allen Street Bridge, going through the west part of town. The right-hand southbound lane of 1st Avenue is closed, with traffic cones being used to divert traffic around the work area. City officials haven’t said yet how long they anticipate this traffic change will be in place. Drivers who use Catlin Street to get through West Kelso will need to use an alternate route.