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Censure Delayed

Posted on 25th September 2013 at 15:58

The possible censure of Cowlitz PUD Commissioner Ned Piper is being delayed for two weeks, after Piper threatened legal action if the other two Commissioners acted on a resolution presented at yesterday’s meeting. PUD Commission President Buz Ketcham says that the resolution came out of a number of complaints…ketcham…Ketcham says that there’s been a problem on the Commission since the termination of former PUD General Manager Brian Skeahan, with “all three Commissioners not rowing in the same direction.” Piper says that he had no time to review or respond to the accusations, and made his move after talking with an attorney…piper…Piper states flatly that the charges being made have no basis in fact, and claims that he’s completely innocent. Ketcham says that the censure has no punitive weight; there’s no fine or sanction that would result from the action. Ketcham says that he’s hopeful that the resolution would help to get Piper back on the same page as the other two Commissioners. The censure resolution was tabled to the next regular meeting, which is set for Tuesday, October 8th.