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Chain of Survival

Posted on 13th April 2018 at 08:49

A number of Longview Firefighters, paramedics and 911 Dispatchers are being honored for being part of the “Chain of Survival” that helped to save a Longview man who had a heart attack. The incident happened on the evening of December 17th, at the home of Keith Karns of Longview. Shortly after 7 pm, Karns collapsed suddenly, due to a cardiac arrest. His wife called 911, and the dispatcher was able to coach her to get him on the floor, and to start CPR. Once firefighters and paramedics arrived at the house, they assessed the situation and started with “High Performance CPR,” which involves a “pit crew-type” of approach, rotating people in and out to continue chest compressions and rescue breathing. In the Longview Fire Department, this involves a minimum of nine people. This crew was able to get Karns’ heart and breathing re-started, and he was taken to Saint John Medical Center, where he made a full recovery. Karns and his wife were also at last night’s meeting, as the “pit crew” and others from Saint John Medical Center were honored for their efforts in saving Karns’ life.