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CHHH Grant

Posted on 29th January 2014 at 17:04

The Kelso Eagles Auxiliary is helping out Community Home Health and Hospice, donating $1,000 to the organization for new medical equipment. The donation from the group’s Hands of Many Eagles Charity Fund; the proceeds will be dedicated to purchasing new pediatric and adult-sized blood pressure kits. Officials with Community Home Health and Hospice says that this gift will help to acquire equipment that is currently in short supply, along with offering a smaller size for patients with very small and frail limbs. Community CEO Greg Pang says that he’s “astounded” by the dedication of the Kelso Eagles, who have provided outstanding support over the years. The Kelso Eagles sponsored the first picture cell phones for Community Home Health and Hospice seven years ago, which has helped to enable quick communication between doctors and nurses in the field, helping them to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare technology. Anita Webster-Morgan with the Kelso Eagles says that they have witnessed the services provided by Community Home Health and Hospice, and she says they appreciate all that they do.