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Chicken Carnage

Posted on 10th July 2013 at 16:04

Authorities in Marion County continue to investigate yesterday morning’s crash in downtown Salem, where a truck carrying more than 5,000 chickens bound for the Foster Farms plant in Kelso overturned. Salem Police say that the crash happened around 8 am, as Patricia Aguilar, 41, of Kelso was merging onto Commercial Street, one of the main routes through downtown Salem. It’s thought that she was driving too fast to make the turn, which caused the truck to tip over. A pole on the corner was broken off, along with several cars parked in a lot on the corner. They also say that chickens were strewn all over in the crash; a “considerable number” were killed outright, and many others died in the cleanup phase. Traffic in downtown Salem was snarled for more than six hours after the crash, as dead chickens were cleaned up, live chickens were rounded up, and the wreckage was removed. Aguilar was taken to a local hospital for observation. So far, no citations have been reported, but the investigation continues.