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Posted on 20th April 2017 at 09:05

They’re getting back to normal operations at Community House on Broadway, cleaning up and putting things back together after yesterday morning’s dryer fire that led to the building’s evacuation. It’s reported that about 80 people were in the shelter at 11th and Broadway when the fire was reported at about 8 am yesterday. A clothes dryer in a laundry room on the second floor of the facility caught fire, triggering the building’s alarm and sprinkler system. Longview Fire was on the scene within just a few minutes; they say that the sprinkler system helped to contain and extinguish the fire, which was declared to be out shortly after firefighters arrived. A building search was conducted, to look for residents who might be missing or injured, and to conduct operations to mitigate water and smoke damage. One person needed treatment for smoke inhalation, while a second person with mobility issues complained of pain after having to evacuate so quickly. Both were conscious and alert when they went to St. John Medical Center. The other residents were taken to the Salvation Army facility, where the Red Cross and local businesses provided food and other support. The dryer was destroyed in the fire, and there was secondary damage to that area of the building from smoke and water damage. Water also did damage to the first floor, and to the basement, where the God’s Closet clothing exchange is maintain. The kitchen is one of the areas that was damaged, and remains closed. The Red Cross will continue to provide food support while the cleanup continues.