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Church Vandalized

Posted on 11th June 2013 at 15:32

For the second time in a week, someone has scrawled swastikas on a building in Longview. Officers were called to St. Rose Catholic Church Sunday morning, when two swastikas were found on the church doors. They say that it looks like the symbols were drawn with some sort of sharpie pen. The swastikas were cleaned off immediately by church staff, before services on Sunday morning. Last week, someone used spray paint to scrawl swastikas on buildings at R. A. Long High School, just a few blocks away. Longview Police say that they’re looking into the incident at vandalism, not a hate crime, though Father Cal Christensen of St. Rose says that they do see the swastikas as an act of hate. He says that the vandals need to understand the depth and gravity of what they’re doing, and the impact that these symbols have on people in the community.